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Blog - 4 Great Ways to Improve School Spirit

10/01/2018 06:05
order custom bannerIf you are running a school, it can be virtually impossible to get kids excited about school each day. School spirit, though important, doesn't just happen -- it has to be created. It's your job to organize all different kinds of special events to boost the collective school spirit across your establishment.

Keep in mind, throughout the majority of these special events to increase your school’s spirit, you should have plenty of signs, banners, and flare to showcase your school’s creativity. You can find all kinds of creative and custom banners for sale online. Nearly 85% of people surveyed agreed that signs and banners can "convey the personality or character of the business." That logic applies to high school banners, as well. So order custom banners and hang them up all around your school and during these school spirit-raising events.

  • Have a school movie night -- Slap a couple large posters around the school to promote the upcoming movie night and invite students and faculty members to come enjoy a good flick. Order custom banners that can both promote the movie and encourage school spirit. Consider playing a movie that hits on the school spirit archetype like Mean Girls or Animal House.

  • Choose a new school mascot -- If your school's spirit has been lacking, you might want to mix some things up. Choosing a new mascot can be an exciting process that will help get students involved and more engaged in their school spirit.

  • Throw a back-to-school cookout -- Get the entire school community together with some delicious food and beverages before the school year begins. Your students and your staff can socialize and school spirit will improve as a result.

  • Have a school spirit poster contest -- Have different homerooms, clubs, teams, or grades make their best school spirit posters to display throughout the halls. Present the winning banner at an upcoming pep rally and give the winners some cool prizes.

Don't let your school seem lacking in the school spirit department -- it's time to spice up your school and get all your students excited about their school spirit. If you want to throw a fun-filled party for your school and order custom banners to promote school spirit, give Buy Green Signs a call today.