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Blog - 6 Benefits of Utilizing Backlit Film Displays

11/05/2018 10:55
backlit film

Half of all customers who end up physically walking into a business did so because of the signage out front. There are all kinds of signage styles that work well, but the illuminated backlit film might be the best display option available.

Backlit displays utilize LED backlighting instead of the cold cathode fluorescent. These signs are great for businesses and have all kinds of indoor applications, including use in malls, trade shows, airport displays, kiosks; as well as outdoor applications, including bus stops, billboards, and outdoor signage.

Here are some benefits of backlit film signs:

  • Reduced energy consumption -- Though backlit displays use the same thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT LCD) technologies as CCFL, they offer reduced energy consumption.

  • Offers signage durability -- There aren't too many signs that can be edited and adjusted in a matter of seconds. With dynamic backlight dimming, you can enjoy more rapid responses to various scene changes and employ photorefractive effects.

  • Great for product promotions -- You might use various styles of signage to entice customers to actually visit your store, which is fine, but you'll need to really showcase certain product offerings every once in a while. Backlit film signs can help promote any product, service, or special event.

  • Better contrast and brightness -- Some signs can be too bright or too dull and the contrast can be all over the place. With backlit displays, however, the contrast and brightness of the signage will look great.

  • Easy to read from a distance -- Conventional signage can't be read that easily unless the viewer is close by. With backlit displays, the sign, visuals, and writing pop, enabling people to read and comprehend the sign from afar.

  • Greater color range -- Backlit displays can use more extensive RGB LEDs, blue LEDs with RG phosphorus, as well as quantum dot enhancement film (QDEF).

Stop using boring signage in front of your store. If you want to learn more about the benefits of backlit display signs or find high-quality posters and custom banners for sale, give Buy Green Signs a call right away.