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Green Terms

Recyclable: The product’s material is able to be recycled and converted into something new.

Recyclable materials are every bit as strong and durable as other non-recyclable products.

Recyclable with Paper: The printing materials can be recycled anywhere you can recycle paper.

Recyclable Plastic Codes: Most plastics have a resin code. This number helps you identify the type of plastic and how it can be recycled. Many curbside pickup will take codes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 plastics. If you're not sure where to recycle plastic, you can contact your local recycle center or search www.earth911.com.

Biodegradable: The product’s material is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or organisms.

This is probably the easiest way to be green with your advertising displays. When you're ready to discard the product, you can just toss it in the trash can. There is no need to worry about how to recycle it or what kind of recycle bin it should go in. Biodegradable materials are every bit as strong and durable as other non-biodegradable products. These materials will breakdown in a landfill in less than 5 years. Some materials we sell are naturally biodegradable, for example, paper or cotton. Others, like BioFlex, are plastic with a special ingredient that causes a faster break down. These materials only begin to break down once they're in a landfill.

Post-Consumer Content: The product was made with some recycled material from end users. All that stuff you put in the recycle bin every week ends up in some product as post-consumer content.

Manufactured Green: The manufacturer made efforts to not pollute while creating the product. In many cases, they are also using recycled content in their processes.

Compostable: The product can be placed with yard compost and it will break down naturally.