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Yard Signs

When it comes to printing signs for your business or independent project, we're sure you want a professionally finished product that's sleek and eye-catching. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Buy Green Signs has you covered—especially when you're searching for recyclable or biodegradable designs.

Select from numerous eco-friendly sign options to find the one that best suits your project. From sandwich boards to banner stands, you can feel good about your promotional items. Each eco-friendly sign is better for the environment and better for you.

Start designing now, and please contact us if you need any help! We're happy to provide our expertise to anyone who asks.

  • Corrugated Plastic 4mm (corex) ♻️

    This is a polypropylene sign material with a biodegradable additive infused. It works just like your regular yard sign corex but after 3-6 months outside it starts to get brittle. Once put in a landfill the product will fully break down within a few years. However, the material can still be recycled with other code 5 plastics. Most commonly yard signs are used to promote political events. They are also used for street side business promotions. We print directly to the surface with inks that are safe for recycling. Ideal for all kinds of sign applications used indoor and outdoor.

    Thickness: 4mm
    Colors and Ink: 6 Color, UV Cured Pigmented Ink
    Expected Life: Outdoor 3-6 months, Indoor 3yr in direct sunlight (window)
    Waterproof: Yes
    Fire Rating: N/A
    Surface: Slightly Ridged Matte Finish
    Finishing Options: Holes for hanging, H-Post for yard signs and more... 
    How's it Green? Plastic Recylable Code 5 and Biodegradable

    * You may create up to 2 different designs.
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