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Custom Magnetic Signs

Custom magnetic signs are a great way to expose your brand to potential customers. These signs are easy to install on the side of your vehicle, allowing you to create business opportunities while you drive. They’re also incredibly durable, ensuring that they’ll last when up against harsh road and weather conditions.

Our car magnet decals can be customized to reflect any design or color scheme you can imagine. We can also print your business contact information in large font, so people can view it clearly and quickly.

We have created numerous signs for businesses around the nation—no industry is off limits. Choose Buy Green Signs for all of your custom magnetic sign needs.

  • Magnets (Flexible)

    Create car sign magnets using Magnum’s MuscleMag® high energy printable magnetic material. Our magnet material 3.5 is specially formulated to be very thin to allow for easy handling, while having stronger holding power than a refrigerator magnet

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