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Backlit Film

Advertise your business right with Buy Green Signs. Our custom backlit film displays are of the highest quality, providing you with a beautiful, vibrant image.

Choose the size you want, design your sign, and then we'll send your backlit film signs to you—it's that simple. You'll be amazed at the attention to detail that goes into creating the finished product. To keep your sign scratch-resistant, we recommend using a clear protective lens.

We understand the desire to have a flawless looking sign and that every detail matters, which is why we're available to answer any questions and offer guided assistance. Start designing today!

  • Premium Backlit Film

    This is an acid-free polyester premium vivid backlit film. It offers a high quality, vibrant image. This solution is ideal for those looking for vibrant colors that will not fade. The HP Vivid Photo inks are archival quality. The surface is not scratch-resistant so we recommend that you use the clear protective lens that most lightboxes have. You can buy clear protective lens here at Look in the Backlit Materials section. You should be able to put this backlit material in any plastic recycle bin. However, you do have the option of simply sending the banner to HP for recycling. HP will pay the freight charges. Read More

    Thickness: 8.7mil
    Colors and Ink: 8 Color, HP Vivid Photo Pigment Ink
    Expected Life: Outdoor 3-6 months (3yr with protective lens), Indoor 3yr in direct sunlight (window), 100yr not in sunlight
    Waterproof: No
    Fire Rating: N/A
    Surface: Smooth Matte Finish
    Finishing Options: N/A 
    How's it Green? Plastic Recycle Code 1 or Recycle via HP Take-Back Program

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