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5 Ways To Upcycle A Vinyl Banner

Today’s eco-conscious times have made people aware of the importance of reusing and recycling as much as possible. If you invest in a vinyl banner, be sure to check whether you are paying for a quality product which will last for many years. But nothing lasts forever, and the nature of businesses can change, hence making the banners no longer appropriate. Banners can also become obsolete if you no longer sell the product that you bought the banners to promote. Therefore, instead of throwing them away, here are five ways to upcycle vinyl banners.

Vinyl Banner

Turn Them Into Bags

If you know your way around a needle and thread, a great use for old vinyl banners would be to turn them into a really cool waterproof bag. The most obvious choice would be making tote bags since they are the simplest bags to make. With a bit of creativity, you can turn an old vinyl banner into a good tote bag.

Donate Them To A School Or Nursery

Schools, especially nurseries, can get really messy, especially when small children and food, playdough and paint are involved. Vinyl banners can wipe clean relatively easily and are quite effective at protecting a floor or even a carpet. See if your local school or nursery is interested in taking vinyl banners as floor protectors.

Freecycle Them

It is often said that one man’s junk is another’s treasure, and it is indeed surprising what people are happy to take away, as long as it is free. Allotment owners, freegans and artists are among the people who might be able to find a creative use for old vinyl banners. The best way to find out is to put them on Freecycle. Do not expect much in return and be reasonable with the price, because if you had thrown it away, you would not get anything.

Use Them As Tarps

Vinyl banners are as waterproof and strong as a tarpaulin. Therefore, if you have a requirement to keep elements out to cover hay bales, a car or boat, or even as emergency roofing, having a few old vinyl banners can turn out to be quite useful. As an alternative measure, contact local building yards and farms and see if they are interested in receiving old banners to be used as tarps. Vinyl banners have the strength and durability to withstand outdoor climatic conditions, since they are designed so, and therefore make great alternatives to tarps.

recycling centres

Get Them Professionally Recycled

There are several vinyl banner recycling centres across the country that collect banners in baled format. These are then sorted, rebaled, and shipped to India, where they are used for making umbrellas and roofing.

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