Recycle Banners

How To Recycle Banners And Other Large Format Print

Banners are an essential part of printed marketing campaigns and are an extremely effective way of promoting businesses. However, they have proven to be quite unsustainable and if poorly done, not the most environmentally friendly form of advertising. Vinyl banners can also be used only for short periods of time since they can quickly become outdated if they release a new product or campaign.

Old Banners

Reuse Old Banners

There is no point in buying new banners for every event since they waste time, money, and resources and can be very harmful to the environment. Reuse banners and take them to several events. It is also important to remember just because the banner is being thrown out does not mean that it isn’t being recycled. During the next phase of design for a campaign that uses printed banners, try to put together a design which can be used across several campaigns. In order to do so:

  • Avoid adding dates or years on banners, and use pamphlets and digital media for that instead.
  • Try to avoid event-specific messaging and stick to brand promotion content only on banners.
  • If you want to include date or event-specific content on a banner, try to have an area dedicated to publishing fresh content stuck each time.
  • A smart way of reusing banners is to combine different banners and change the central one from campaign to campaign. For instance, there may be three banners working together to promote something, but only one of them would be campaign-specific, while the other two are campaign neutral.

Business Waste Recycling Collection

Recycling collection from the office is perfect for both the business as well as the environment. There is no need to take time out of your busy schedule to go down to the local recycling centre since it will be picked up from your front door. The main part of the work is done by the collectors who will dispose of the waste in a safe, eco-friendly manner. A strict recycling scheme is vital for such an operation. If not exercised properly, there is a pretty good chance that they will end up in another landfill site, contributing to the mass waste and further harming the environment. If the customers know that they are committed to recycling the correct way, they will be more likely to offer their long undulated support to your brand as they will feel like they are contributing towards helping the environment. If you cannot seem to find any use for a banner, donate them to local schools, nurseries and youth clubs instead of throwing them away. They can prove to be the perfect material for arts and crafts. You will be helping them by saving them money while at the same time enhancing the brand image with a nice gesture.

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